For over 70 years  the Planet drop-down seals have been ensuring that sill-less doors are flush with the floor.  The beginning of all the activities took place with the carpenter‘s shop W. Jaggi und Söhne in Zurich. The first Planet drop-down seals for doors have been built with a punctilious method and a continuous development.

In fact it resulted a prompt effect from that activities because the ingenious carpenters found indeed a gap in the market. The production of the Planet drop-down seals has finally been sourced out and sold in 1998.

The Planet GDZ AG with domicile in Tagelswangen, Zurich, came from this change in ownership. And since then the innovative owners René Gyger and Andreas Dintheer continue the successful business history. 

Our team is constantly developing new and innovative solutions for our drop-down seals, which are 100% Swiss made. Our vision is to continuously contribute sustainable construction. We do believe in our high quality products, which are made in Switzerland. From where we supply our home market, as well as our customers worldwide.